Linux / Ubuntu18.04 LTS   AK-SFC101 Framing Control Software
 Framing Control Software is an application software that operates on Ubuntu 18.04LTS. Using this software, settings for device that configures 8K Multi camera system and crop control settings can be done.

Framing Control Software Ver.3.01-00-0.10 


June, 2023  New functions and improvement
  1. AW-UE100 has been added to supported PTZ cameras.
  2. The amount of movement of the cropping frame per time can be selected.
  3. The blurring of images has been improved due to the stop operation at the preset position when connecting an 8K camera.
December, 2020  New functions
  1. A selectable pattern has been added to the Combination Multiple Captured Frame.
    Horizontal x 2 & Vertical x2
August, 2020  New functions
  1. The following models have been added to the supported controllers.
      Panasonic AW-RP150
  2. Portrait-orientation Cropping
  3. Combination Cropping
  4. Tracing Memory Function
April, 2020  New functions
  1. VariZoom Panbar(VZCP-T12-PANA)can be used.
  2. Tally function was added.
  3. Preset function was added.
  4. Panasonic PTZ camera (AW-UE150) can be used for the combination function of captured frame.
  • You can download "Framing Control Software" and Auxiliary tool "Focus length and depression angle setting application".
  • To use the Framing Control Software, you need to purchase a key code and activate it*.  * Activation means registering the purchased license on our server so that the software functions can be used.

Framing Control Software overview

Using 8K multipurpose camera "AK-SHB800" and IPU "AK-SHU800", you can capture HD videos from specific 4 positions of an 8K video, along with taking HD high-angle shots.
Framing Control Software is the application software that controls the position etc., of these captured HD videos. Control command is notified to AK-SHU800 by connecting it to personal computer (PC) which is equipped with this application software via Ethernet.

System configuration example

   Recommended personal computer configuration

Personal Computer HP, Z4G4
CPU Intel, Xeon W-2102
Memory DDR4 8GB(2666MHz, ECC, Registered)
SDI Capture Board BlackMagic, DeckLink Duo2 (4 port) or BlackMagic, DeckLink Quad2 (8 port)
Graphic Board NVIDIA, Quadro P400 2GB
Operating System Linux, Ubuntu18.04 LTS

 Focus length and depression angle setting application (Auxiliary tool)

The IPU (AK-SHU800) uses the focus length of the lens and the camera's depression angle information for signal processing when cutting out HD video from 8K video. Usually, focus length and depression angle information is acquired automatically within the IPU, but some lenses cannot acquire focus length automatically.
In this application, you can check and set the focus length and depression angle information used for calculation in the IPU.

  AK-SFC101 Operating Manual (English)

  AK-SFC101 Operating Manual (Chinese)