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P2 Asset Support System (PASS) Information, Oct. 10, 2017


[Update] VariCam 35 / VariCam HS / Recorder, uploaded on Sep. 19, 2017.

 AU-V35C1  Ver. 7.50-00-0.01  Perform ABB, after the update is completed

  AU-V23HS1 Ver. 7.50-00-0.00

  AU-VREC1  Ver. 7.50-00-0.03


 1. [35 | HS] The warning is displayed when a card with a corrupt clip is inserted.

 2. [35 | HS] UDP packets are expanded.

 3. Improvements

  [35 |    ] The following problem is fixed: The edges of characters flicker.

  [35 | HS] Improvement in stability at boot-up

  [35 | HS] The following problem is fixed: A repaired 2K ProRes clip cannot be played on QT.

    [ 35:AU-V35C1, HS:AU-V23HS1 ]


[Update] VariCam LT , uploaded on Oct. 5, 2017.

  AU-V35LT1 Ver. 24.24-00-0.00


 1. The process of leveling the recording bit rates in 4K60p format is added.

   The image stability is improved for recording a subject that changes extremely in a short period of time.

 2. The following problem with Ver. 24.20 (released on Sept. 19, 2017) is fixed:

  If a specific lens is attached/detached, REC operation starts.



# YouTube <https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCiTi9owcTE9QbEnt5w2vkDA>

# Vimeo   <https://vimeo.com/varicam>

 The YouTube and Vimeo channels for the VariCam have been redesigned since AU-EVA1 has joined.

 Shot on VariCam contents, AU-EVA1 demo reels, BTS and many more can be watched from these channels.

 Keep your eye on for more updates!


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