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AU-V35LT1  34.56-00-0.00
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| 80.5MB | | Apr. 12, 2019
The firmware version 34.56-00-0.00 is released.

Firmware version 34.55 (released on March 27, 2019) has the problem in the recorded clips shot in the format AVCIntra4K 422(25P).
This problem is fixed.
We apologize for your inconvenience, update the firmware of your units to the latest version.
There is no problem with other functions or the previous firmware (version 31.02 or earlier).


  1. Caution
    When the firmware is updated from Ver.11.93-00-0.00 to Ver.20.42-00-0.00 or higher, Gamma Curve [V-452080] and setting values of LINEAR MATRIX will be changed by this update.
  2. Please be careful if you need to use non-updated Gamma Curve [V-452080] or load a SCENE FILE set up on a non-updated camera.
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