• “BACKUP BATT EMPTY” is displayed frequently.

     A battery (coin-type battery) is built in the camera body to maintain the settings for date, time and TC.

    If “BACKUP BATT EMPTY” is displayed on the LCD monitor, the built-in battery is exhausted.

    To charge up the built-in battery, connect a charged battery or AC adapter to the camera and leave them connected in STANDBY mode for approx. 24 hours.

    If “BACKUP BATT EMPTY” is still displayed after charging, please consult your dealer.


    Updated September 2018

  • How can I purchase cosmetic parts such as MIC HOLDER, GRIP, and other genuine parts?

     Parts and accessories list is available at following website.

     Contact your EVA1 dealer or your Panasonic representative to place order.


    Updated August 2018

  • "The AU-EVA1 Book" for the AU-EVA1 was updated to meet firmware version 2.50.

    "The AU-EVA1 Book", Understanding scene files and menus, Troubleshooting and others

    Please download the pdf file from above.



    Updated: June 2018

  • On the screen of "EVA ROP" app, the camera information cannot be displayed correctly.

    In iOS 11, camera information may not be displayed correctly on the app screen.

    This can be fixed by turning on airplane mode and then turning off again.


    1. Close "EVA ROP".
    2. Select "Settings" on the device home screen
    3. Turn on "Airplane mode"
    4. Turn off "Airplane mode"
    5. Launch "EVA ROP"

    *These settings need to be repeated after turning off or restarting the device.


    Updated: December 2017