(Win)(Mac) AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery

[Minimum System Requirements]


Operating system
Windows 8
Windows 7
Windows XP
Windows Vista

Intel®Pentium® V1.0 GHz or higher CPU ( PC/AT PC) is recommended.

1GB or more (more than 2GB is recommended)


Operating system
Mac OS X 10.8 MountainLion (Intel Mac)
Mac OS X 10.7 Lion (Intel Mac)
Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard (Intel Mac)
Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard (Intel Mac)
Mac OS X 10.4 Tiger (Intel Mac)

Intel® Core™ Duo 2.0GHz or faster (including compatible CPU)

 The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.8 (MounitanLion). (Ver 1.3)
and Windows 8 (Ver 1.2) 
 The software is compatible with Mac OS X 10.7 (Lion). (Ver 1.2) 
 New function: Supports AG-AC160 series. (Ver 1.2)
 New function: Supports AG-AF100 series, SDXC memory cards, picture files. (Ver 1.1)

AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery Functions
The software restores footage that is accidentally deleted from an SD memory card.

Restorable footage:
- For footage recorded with Panasonic AVCCAM equipment and deleted with AVCCAM equipment.

Unrestorable footage (typical example):
- Any footage (*1) deleted using "CARD FORMAT" with AVCCAM equipment.

*1: Except for footage recorded in DV mode with AG-HMC80 series , and in SDXC memory card formatted with AG-AF100 series AVCCAM camera recorder.

* There are cases in which footage cannot be restored even with this software.
* For proper use, please carefully read the operating instructions of the software prior to use. The Operating instructions are included with the software.
* The restored card has to be repaired with "AVCCAM restorer" (provided separately) once to be available as an AVCHD compatible card.
*If you use this software on the computer which is connected to the AG-AF100 series by USB cable, please update.
 AG-AF100 series : Ver 1.14 or higher
 SD Card File Recovery : Ver 1.1 or higher

AVCCAM SD Card File Recovery

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