Panasonic Broadcast and Professional Camera Recoder 

 Firmware updates for AG-AF100 series and Option Lenses

Camera body

Camera Recoder Software Verification and
Installation Procedure
Release Note Last Update
AG-AF100 series Firmware Ver 1.24

July 24, 2013 Revised
October 2, 2012
* For Mac users : click here, if you have a trouble with firmware update using Mac
AG-SFU100G/MC 1080 50p/60p upgrade software key for AG-AF100 series.
The sale ends when all the stock is sold out. (as of March 2016) 
The following functions are added.
Optional Function
1. New “PS” mode (maximum 28Mbps), supporting “AVCHD Progressive” standard, records high-quality Full HD progressive signals (1080/60p* and 1080/50p). *59.94Hz
2. Safety-zone “2.39:1” aspect-ratio marker display (on View finder, LCD and Output*).
[STEP1] Update the software of AG-AF100 series to version 1.23 or higher.

[STEP2] Issue / retrieval of the activation code(s)

Register the “25-digit key code” which comes with “1080 50p/60p upgrade software key (AG-SFU100)” and the “equipment profile” exported from the AG-AF100 series unit on the “product activation code website” to retrieve the activation code(s).


Lenses for AG-AF100 series 
Please note that a AG-AF100 is required in order to update any Lenses.
In advance to any lens firmware update, please make sure that your AG-AF100 firmware is latest.
* For Mac users: Please update your AG-AF100 series to version 1.15 or higher before performing Lens firmware update for a secure update operation.
[1] Prepare an SD Memory Card which has already been formatted for the camera recoder.
[2] Download and unzip the firmware to PC / Mac, and then copy it to the SD memory card.
[3] Insert the SD memory card into the card slot 1 of AG-AF100 series.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.
Update Procedure for Lenses
  Firmware Download for Lenses
Panasonic micro Four Thirds lenses Firmware Download Last Update
X series Standard Zoom Lens H-PS14042  Ver 1.1  Download 2011/11/17
Telephoto Zoom Lens H-PS45175  Ver 1.1  Download 2011/11/17
Wide Zoom Lens H-F007014 Ver 1.1 Download 2009/11/25
Standard Zoom Lenses H-FS014042 Ver 1.1  Download 2011/ 9/13
H-FS014045 Ver 1.2 Download 2009/11/25
H-VS014140 Ver 1.4 Download 2010/12/ 7
Telephoto Zoom Lenses H-FS045200 Ver 1.2 Download 2009/11/25
H-FS100300  Ver 1.1  Download 2011/ 9/13
Single Focal Length Lenses H-H014  Ver 1.1  Download 2011/ 9/13
H-H020 Ver 1.1 Download 2009/11/25
H-X025  Ver 1.0   -
Macro Lens H-ES045 Ver 1.0   -
Fisheye Lens H-F008 Ver 1.1  Download 2011/ 9/13
OLYMPUS micro Four Thirds lenses
   for Panasonic camera body
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 12mm F2.0  Ver 1.1  Download 2015/11/26
M.ZUIKO DIGITAL 45mm F1.8  Ver 1.2  Download 2015/11/26
Panasonic Four Thirds lenses Firmware Download Last Update
Standard Zoom Lenses L-ES014050 Ver 1.0   -
L-RS014050 Ver 1.0   -
L-RS014150 Ver 1.0   -
Single Focal Length Lens L-X025 Ver 2.1 Download 2008/10/15
OLYMPUS Four Thirds lens
   for Panasonic camera body
ZUIKO DIGITAL ED 14-35mm F2.0 SWD Ver 1.1 Download 2010/9/21

For other camera body users
Click here to see "Panasonic Joint update service for Four Thirds lenses"