Caution Involved in Improvement to VariCam-LOOK Color Reproduction
  • When the firmware is updated from 11.93-00-0.00 to Ver.20.42-00-0.00 or higher, Gamma Curve [V-452080] and setting values of LINEAR MATRIX will be changed by this update.
  • Please be careful if you need to use non-updated Gamma Curve [V-452080] or load a SCENE FILE set up on a non-updated camera.
  1.  Gamma Curve [V-452080] and [V-452080L]

    [V-452080] Saturation is increased in the input range of around 1.7 to 3 Stop.

    [V-452080L] Please select this when you need to use Gamma Curve with saturation of Ver.11.93-00-0.00 or earlier.

  2. Change of LINEAR MATRIX: V-452080 and V-406060
    If a camera with Ver.20.42-00-0.00 or later reads a SCENE FILE set up on a camera with an earlier version, the color reproduction will be slightly changed.

    To restore LINEAR MATRIX to the former settings, please change the menu values as follows.
    R-G_N@→  -10
    B-R_P@→  +23