Please prepare

  1. Windows PC or Macintosh Computer with USB
  2. USB cable : AVCCAM Product (Mini-B type) <-> PC or Mac
AG-HMC150 series
Installation procedure How to check the version Release Note Last Update
* Ver 1.21- Download for Windows October 14, 2010
Download for Mac
* There is a model in AG-HMC155 series, whose version number is displayed as g2.21-h.
It has no difference in functions or specifications.
And it is the latest version as well as the model with the version number of g1. --h.
However, some of its hardware components are different from the other model. So the software of Version g1.21-h can not be installed in it.

The model of Version g2.21-h has no need to be updated now.
If there are any updates in the future, we would like to let you know and provide the software according to the model of each version number.