Notes for firmware update of AG-AF100 series and lenses with Mac Computer
When updating firmware of the AG-AF100 series, occasionally there are issues in which firmware has been properly extracted and copied, but is not properly loaded to the camera.

The major cause of this failure is the existence of some files which have the same file extension as the firmware (*.img format) and were created by Mac. Those files are usually invisible on Mac OS.

  An Invisible file deletion tool for Mac
* This tool is for AG-AF100 series firmware update, not for LENS firmware update

[How to use]
1. Extract the “” package on your Mac (an executable file “” will be created).

2. Copy the “” to the root directory of the SD memory card where the firmware is located.

[ Snow Leopard / Lion ]
Double-click the installer icon "" to execute it.

[ Mountain Lion ]
Click the software icon "" while holding down the "Ctrl key", and select [Open] on the menu which is displayed.
A confirmation window appears such as the following, so click the [Open] button.
"This software is from an unidentified developer. Are you sure you want to open it?"

4. Wait a few seconds (an "OK" or "Finish" message appears when completed).Click “close” button.

* Message meaning
OK: Did not need to delete any unnecessary file(s) for updating.
Finish: Successfully deleted unnecessary file(s) for updating.

The “Invisible file deletion tool for Mac” functions to AG-AF100 series’ firmware only, it does not function to LENS firmware. Please use AG-AF100 series with firmware version 1.15 or higher for LENS firmware update.

Similar kinds of software and utilities to delete invisible management files are also available from third-party software manufacturers.
There is a potential risk of losing proper functionality on your Mac by deleting such invisible management files from the system with an incorrect tool/utility operation. Please use those tools/utilities at your own risk.

Panasonic is not responsible for any trouble caused through using such third-party tools. Please contact the respective software manufacturers in the case of trouble with their products.