Windows P2 Driver Software USB 1394 CardSlot PCIe 
The driver software is required for Windows computers to recognize the P2 Card. 

P2 Driver Software for Windows XP (32bit)

This Software version is available only by Windows XP (32bit) and does not support  (64bit).
  • Notice: CardBusDriver
    The P2 card driver needs to be installed for each card bus slots.
    When installing Driver software to a personal computer that has two or more card bus slots, please insert the P2 card into every slot.
In this installation manual, the P2 software is described as being “stored on the supplied CD-ROM.” However, the P2 software must be downloaded. When reading this manual, please read any instance of “software stored on the supplied CD-ROM” as “downloaded software.”
The following devices are supported by P2 driver packages
P2 Driver packages ( package version 2.21 )
  USB Driver
AG-HPX170 series AJ-MPD1G AJ-HPX2000 AJ-HPS1500
AG-HPX250 series AJ-PCD2 AJ-HPX2100 AJ-HPD2500
AG-HPX255 series AJ-PCD10 AJ-HPX3000 AJ-SPC700
AG-HPX300 series AJ-PCD20 AJ-HPX3100 AJ-SPX800
AG-HPX370 series   AJ-HPX2700 AJ-SPX900
AG-HPX500 AJ-HPM100 AJ-HPX3700 AJ-SPD850
AG-HPX502 AJ-HPM110   AJ-PCS060G
AG-HPX600 series AJ-HPM200     
AG-HVX202 AG-HPD24      
AG-HVX200A series      
            AJ-PCD30 (USB Driver and dedicated Power Management application software for AJ-PCD30)
AJ-PCD20 1394b Driver
AJ-PCD35 PCIe Driver
CardBus Driver
AJ-PCS060G Store Manager

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