Windows P2 Contents Management Software
  • * P2 Contents Management Software for Windows (Ver.1.2.2) : This software supports DVCPRO codec.
  •   * AVC-Intra Decoder (P2 Viwer) : This decoder software supports AVC-Intra codec.
  •  Please uninstall P2 viewer (Ver3.6 018 or later), if you use P2 Contents Management Software for windows.


  • This is an application program that ingests P2 contents by using PC and manages them in PC.
    P2 viewer is built in and able to view P2 contents easily like the P2 Viewer.
    Contents can be speedily retrieved by automatically constructing the data base by using the metadata of P2 contents at the time of ingestion.
    Able to add, change and delete metadata registered in P2 contents and the data base by the simple method.
    Able to handout and keep them as back ups by copying P2 contents onto HDD and Optical media.

Main Functions  

  • Display P2 contents data
    Ingest P2 contents in PC.
    Retrieve metadata of P2 contents
    Display and Editing of property
    Viewing (playback of contents)
    Display and editing of text memos
    Recording and delete of voice memos
    Export P2 contents data
    Production of Backup data for P2 CMS format
    Archive P2 contents data (moving to optical media disk)

Operating Environment (Windows)  

  • Microsoft(R) Windows XP Professional SP2.
    (Windwos 2000 and Windows Vista are not supported.)
    Microsoft(R) DirectX 9.0b or newer version must be installed. (This can be downloaded from the Microsoft website.)
    Microsoft(R) .NET Framework 2.0 or newer version must be installed. (This can be downloaded from Microsoft website automatically at installing.)
    Full-color (32-bit) display, and an audio function.
    The P2 driver included with the P2 product must be installed.

    DVCPROHD format clips cannot be played back on personal computers that do not have a CPU that supports SSE2 instructions such as Pentium M, Pentium 4, Pentium D or Celeron D.
    Recommended environment to play back DVCPRO HD format clips
    CPU: Pentium D (3.2GHz or greater)
    RAM: 1GB or greater
    Recommended environment to play back AVC-Intra format clips
    (If AVC-Intra 50)
    CPU: Core2 Duo (2.66 GHz or greater)
    RAM: DDR2-667 1 GB or greater
    (If AVC-Intra 100)
    CPU: Dual CPU configuration dual-core Xeon (3 GHz or greater)
    RAM: DDR2-667 1 GB or greater
  • Language:Japanese, English,Chinese


  • About the high-speed playback mode

    When the audio output channel is set to 1ch playback in the Customize panel, it plays back in the high-speed playback mode. Because the load of CPU is reduced in the high-speed playback mode, it is suitable for the playback of DVCPRO HD and AVC-Intra contents.
    However, in the high-speed playback mode, the spanned clip which is generated when the target P2cards are changed during recording can not be played continuously. And it takes 0.5 seconds or more to change clips to another.
    In addition, it is likely to be waited for tens of seconds when there is not enough performance of the personal computer for the decoding of DVCPRO HD and AVC-Intra contents. The image is not displayed, and the black or white picture is displayed during the waiting time.
    When the voice memo play concurrently with the clip, the high-speed playback mode is not used.
    In case of the high-speed playback mode, when the selection clips are changed, or when the playback begins and it ends, the black picture or half updated view area might be displayed.
    The audio only can be heard during playing back.
    When there are many spanned clips, it may run in the high-speed playback mode automatically.
    In this case playback with x1 speed, though it is selected multi-speed playback mode.


  • When only the driver for the P2 equipment has been installed without the card bus driver, the card may not be displayed under a user account without administrative rights. Be sure to use it with a user account with administrative rights.

    Please set the maximum number in which the P2 contents are displayed appropriately.
    If the contents which are searched exceed the setting number of display,
    it is not possible to display them. Please change the setting number when you want to make more contents displayed. However, when the setting number is increased, it takes time to update displaying. (Default setting is 100. )

    The categorized contents cannot be searched.
    Searched contents at search mode can be refined by search refinement .
    But please note that the contents displayed by "Categories" cannot be searched by "Search".

    You cannot ingest the contents which are located in the data base folder(under P2CMS folder).
    You cannot see the contents which are located in the database because it may cause discrepancy between the contents which are registered in the database and the contents which are located in the database folder.

    The operation that can be done to an abnormal contents is depending on the content.
    The operation that can be done to abnormal metadata limited.
    It is not assured that P2 products can always handle the normal clips judged by this application though it is made to recognize with the indicator for an abnormal contents.

    If the clip is made by Edit Copy Function on P2 products, the timecode display on the view area and timeline scale might not be updated properly, when the clip has discontinuous time code in the contents.

    When there are some missing clips in the spanned clip, each divided clips appear in the list. Even if the divided clip is selected and played back, P2 Viewer play clips sequentially in certain case.

    When there are missing divided clips in the spanned clip, it is not possible to modify the shot mark with P2 Viewer.

    In case of xN speed-playback setting, P2 Viewer cannot play last frame of the clip.

    Please refer to the operational manual or help for details.

    English Operation Manual Download


  • The drivers for the P2 Card, P2 Camera Recorder, P2 Deck, P2 Drive, etc., must be installed on your PC before installing P2 Contents Management Software.
    These drivers are included with the P2 products,and latest version can be downloaded from website.

    Please click here to download latest P2 driver software for windows.

    * Please use it after newly making the data base when it is installed from the other language version by the update.
    •  P2 Contents Management Software for Windows (Ver.1.2.2)
       Windows XP only.
      You can Not use P2 viewer (Ver3.6 018 or later) together. If you use P2 Contents Management Software, please uninstall the P2viewer (Ver3.6.018 or later).
    • PLEASE READ before downloading P2CMS :To view footage recorded in AVC-Intra100 or Intra50 codec, following AVC-Intra decoder plug-in (free) has to be installed.
      •  AVC-Intra Decoder(P2 Viewer)