Panasonic Service Policy

1. The purpose of Panasonic Worldwide Broadcast Service Network is to support the ENG crews using Panasonic ENG equipment, touring over the world.
2. Customers may be requested to contact the original seller with information of customer name, model, travel schedule including date, place, hotel and contact telephone number before their visit overseas.
3. When the repair service is required, customers are requested to telephone first and then bring the equipment to the service center. Customers are requested to be prepared to pay the repair cost at the local service center when the repair is completed.
4. PAL and NTSC are supported at the service centers as shown in the list. Please accept that the service action taken depends on the capability of each service center in case the TV standard is different from the local one. Please refer to “Capability” of the list.
5. Please kindly accept that back-up unit may not be able to hire while customer's unit under repair.
If back-up unit is available, customers are requested to return the back-up unit to the service center where the unit belongs to after use.

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