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Oct. 15, 2008 / Issue 10

AVCCAM Restorer contents repair software

(Contained in the supplied CD-ROM as accessory)

AVCCAM Restorer does not repair clip which was deleted.
AVCCAM Restorer repairs “Inconsistent data clip” which was made by abnormal recording finalization of the clip during recording.


“Inconsistent data clip” can be made when AVCCAM could not complete data file saving normally.
Especially, this could happen if battery was removed or such forced power discontinuation was occurred.
However, this will not happen during recording by battery remain time become empty or turn off the Power switch.


When a SD card with “Inconsistent data clip” is inserted and power is turned ON a repair verification dialogue of [REPAIR CLIP? YES/NO] will be displayed.
Select [NO] to switch directory to the recording paused screen to continue recording without repairing at this time.

“Inconsistent data clip” can still be repaired by using PC which is installed the “AVCCAM Restorer”


Precaution for use:
1. Depending on the status of the data, it may not be possible to restore all data completely.
2. If the recording was made with TC: RECRUN, the starting TC of the repaired clip will be same with the clip right after the “Inconsistent data clip” was recorded.
3. For about 4 seconds from the end of the recording may not be repaired.
4. Depending on the status of the data, the thumbnail icon may not be repaired.
5. Meta data attached during recording cannot be repaired.


You can also find “FAQ” on the AVCVAM Viewer, Restorer.
Please check,


AG-HMC150 Series Features
Count how much time has elapsed during recording

When shooting a clip of predetermined length it is easier with display of the each clipfs elapsed recording time. You do not need to calculate from current time code and the ending time code of previous clip.

AG-HMC150 Series counter function you can display a counter that not only indicates total time, but also indicates how much time has elapsed during recording.


MENU setting of AG-HMC150
Open “DISPLAY SETUP” menu.
2. Set the “REC COUNTER” to “CLIP”.
3. Press the COUNTER button.
  Confirm that the display is changed to CLIP 0:00.00


With this setting, values are automatically reset when recording is started, and counter values are displayed for each individual clip.


AVCCAM with NLE compatibility information is updated



AG-HMC150Series~Main Concept Transcoder2,0{Avid Media Conposer3.0zConfirmation of the compatibility


AG-HMC150Series~Canops Edius v5zConfirmation of the compatibility


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