P2 Asset Support System (PASS) Information, May 28, 2015 / Issue 94
[Update] AJ-PX5000 Ver. 31.98, uploaded on 23 April
  - Enhanced FTP transfer function for P2 Cast
  - Enhanced streaming function for external servers and for LiveU
  - Wi-Fi : Support for Direct mode of USB-N53 (an ASUS product) 
  - LTE : Support for SIM-lock-free dongle
  - Support for AK-HRP200 serial connection (AK-HRP200 Ver.5.01-00-0.07)
P2-Related Topics
■ AU-XPD1 High-Speed Transfer Drive for All Types of P2 Cards
  A compact and lightweight AU-XPD1 1-Slot P2 Drive allows
 you to use not only the expressP2 card but also older types of P2 cards.
  In addition, with an optional AJ-P2AD1G Memory Card Adapter, the microP2 card can be read.
  This device supports the copying to PC/Mac or direct editing of the data
 on all types of P2 cards with a high-speed USB3.0 transfer.
  Details can be found here.
■ P2 Network function
■ P2 Driver software [ uploaded on 23 April ]
 (Windows) http://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/pcdriver_e.htm
 (Mac) http://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/macp2driver_e.htm
■ P2 Viewer Plus [ uploaded on 23 April ]
 (Windows/Mac) http://eww.pass.panasonic.co.jp/pro-av/support/content/download/EN/ep2main/p2view_plus_e.htm
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