Subject: [Spotlight] Improving the operation of P2HD & AVCCAM with your Mac


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June 2, 2008 / Issue 5


Here is information to make your operation with the Mac better!



1. Enjoying AVCCAM & AVC-Intra format with Mac:

Introduction of our site & free tools from Panasonic


1. Nonlinear compatibility information for AG-HMC70 series

Compatibility information has been added about the AG-HMC70 series, including the necessary settings for using Final Cut Pro and the AG-HMC70 series camera recorder together.

=> NLE compatibility information for AG-HMC70 series


2.Hot Updates: The latest tools for Mac users [Posted: May, 2008]

[] P2 Contents management software (P2CMS) for Mac

(P2 contents database, equipped with a P2 clip viewer)

[Version] 1.2.7

[What’s new]

1) Support for the Mac OS X Leopard

2) Playback of AVC-Intra clips supported (AVC-Intra decoder for Mac 1.2 is required.)


[] AVC-Intra decoder for Mac (plug-in for Apple FCP, P2CMS)

[Version] 1.2

[Supported OS] Mac OS X 10.4.11 and Mac OS X 10.5.2

[What’s new]

1) Improved transcoding speed of AVC-Intra on Apple FCP 6.0.3

 2) Supported P2CMS for Mac 1.2.7


* AVC-Intra decoder 1.2 is optimized for FCP 6.0.3. Please use

  AVC-Intra decoder 1.1 if you are using FCP 6.0.2.


Download from here (Free)

=> P2CMS 1.2.7

=> AVC-Intra decoder 1.2





2. Operational Flexibility with Mac

Introduction of tools from third party vendors


1.New way to connect P2 card to your Mac Book Pro (DuelAdapter)

You may need a card reader to access a P2 card from the

Mac Book Pro. Because the Mac Book Pro does not have a PCMCIA slot.


We recommend that you use the P2 Drive “AJ-PCD20”, which  can access up to 5 cards via high speed interfaces 1394b and USB2.0.

But we know that some of customers want to have a card reader that has one slot as a simple second reader to AJ-PCD20.


For such purposes, the “DuelAdapter” supplied by Duel Systems Inc. might be suitable. The DuelAdapter converts PCMCIA (P2) interface to the Mac’s express card slot interface.


=> Learn more about the DuelAdapter from:


2.Export Quicktime file to the “P2 Card” is possible (Raylight for Mac 2.0)

“If I could export Quicktime files edited with FCP to P2 cards”… It might be a concern if you do, “Play out edited clips from P2 products”, “running Mac and Windows machines both in the production”.


Such a thing can be done when you install the “Raylight software for Mac 2.0” supplied by DV film Inc.


=> Learn more about Raylight for Mac 2.0 from:


*Please contact the vendors directly for additional information.



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