Subject: "Enjoy full performance! P2CAM PRE REC" & "AVCCAM: introduction of HDMI to HD-SDI converter"


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May 21, 2008 / Issue 4



1. Hints & Tips:

Enjoy more performance of PRE REC (Pre-recording)

*Applicable models: All P2/P2HD camera recorders


PRE REC enables you to record for a few seconds before pressing the REC button, employing additional AV memory chips. Here is an example of a usage for another purpose.


Easy finding cut points of a long time recording using PRE REC

After recording a long event such as a lecture or a play to a single clip, it may take time to find editing points.


If you record the events with some divided clips, finding the

points becomes easy because you can find the beginning of

each clip with thumbnails but some content will not be recorded while the camera is paused.


You can make divided clips without missing any scenes when

you use the PRE REC function.


=> See more detailed explanation with a picture



Instructions (Example in AJ-HPX2000/2100 camera recorder)

1. Open “SYSTEM SETTING” => <REC FUNCTION> screen.

2. Set the following 2 items.



3. Make sure that “P-REC” indication appears on the “display

Window for Timecode” of the camera recorder.

4. Start recording (press the REC button).

5. Press the REC button at the point where you want to divide a clip.

   (Tally lamp goes off but audio & video are being stored on the

internal AV memory chips.)

6. Press the REC button again within the period you set in

PRE REC TIME (within 8 seconds in this case).

7. Make sure that the recording has re-started (check with a tally lamp etc).


With this tip, you can quickly find the scenes and review the clips with thumbnails.


*1: PRE REC TIME can be selected from 1 to 8 seconds, Panasonic recommends you to set it for 7 to 8 seconds to have enough time to complete the “PAUSE => REC” operation.



2. Practical Information for AVCCAM

Introduction of HDMI to HD-SDI converter


The AG-HMC70 series is equipped with an HDMI terminal (digital out).

You can transfer 1080i/480p(or 576p) video and audio signal

with one cable.


We often hear that some of our customers want to use the HDMI out for back up recordings but have not tried yet because no recorders with HDMI input are available at the moment.


This is to introduce HDMI to HD-SDI converters for your reference.

After converting to HD-SDI, the AG-HMC70 series can be connected to your HD recorder!


[Example of suppliers: HDMI to HD-SDI converters]

Convergent Inc.

AJA Video Inc.


*For any inquiry about the products, please contact each vendor.


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