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December 2, 2010 / Issue 38
[Update] AJ-HPM200 and AJ-HPD2500

The following features are newly added with the update.
Portable recorder AJ-HPM200:  version 16.02-00-0.00
Studio deck AJ-HPD2500:       version 16.02-00-0.00

[New features common to AJ-HPM200 and AJ-HPD2500]
1. 24-bit audio handling capability
   Selectable recording audio bit rate at either 24 bit or 16 bit.
2. Clip Rewrite Edit function
   Rewriting clips of certain lengths possible.
3. Live recording and timeline edit functions
   Record Live input video directly to a timeline
4. Playlist Export function
   Transfer playlists to P2 card, HDD or FTP.
5. Continuous playback of multiple cards added during playback.
   Recognizes newly inserted P2 cards and plays them after the contents
   of initial card are finished.
6. SEEK function for edit display
7. Single frame skip function for edit display
8. Countdown CTL function
   Display the remaining time to the end of the clip being played back
9. Network transfer of Edit copy function
   Transfer to the folder of the FTP server beforehand.
10. Package export function of all contents on a P2 card to FAT HDD

Download (The information of firmware update can be viewed after product registration.)

AJ-HPM200 firmware

AJ-HPD2500 firmware

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