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May 12, 2008 / Issue 3



1. Hints & Tips:

Enjoy more performance of DS Gain (Digital Super gain)

*Applicable models: AJ-HPX3000, AJ-HPX2100, AJ-HPX2000 series


The DS gain enables you a higher sensitivity shooting without

generating noise by changing the period of image capturing on CCDs.

Here are tips for menu settings and various uses the DS gain.

[] Rapid releasing the DS gain mode
The DS gain and the analog gain can be individually activated to allow flexible operation. However, you may need to deactivate the DS gain quickly and operate with analog gain
only in the case of sudden scene change.

(Example: Running into a house from very dark place.)


You can deactivate the DS gain by switching to analog gain
SW only through the following menu.


Set DS.GAIN OFF menu item to "L/M/H".



[] Adding a motion blur like effect with frame accumulation

The DS gain shows a unique afterimage, like a "motion blur" effect

on the moving objects because the DS gain accumulates video

frames. Using this effect, you can easily add blurred expression
on your footage without using lower frame rates.


In addition, you can create an interesting image to non-moving
objects. For example, please activate the DS gain with "+15dB"
and turn the lens-zoom quickly. You will see powerful movement

of the subject with a sense of speed.

Please try this tip out on your productions.

=> To see the effect of DS gain



Note: DS gain can be activated in Interlace mode only. 


2. AVCCAM frequently asked & questions:

Let you know more about the AVCCAM


We have received many questions from customers about the new

AVCCAM* camera recorder AG-HMC70 series since AVCCAM

was introduced at NAB2008.


Panasonic has prepared an FAQ for the AG-HMC70

series to provide you with information covering basic to advanced topics, such as:

"Which NLEs support AVCCAM? How to connect the camera to a PC?, Is it equipped with down converter?" etc.





=> Also you can find information about the AG-HMC70 series

*AVCCAM is a new professional line up supporting the MPEG-4

  AVC/H.264 (AVCHD) format.



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