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April 8, 2008, Issue 1

[Hot News]
Utilize META DATA to speed up clip management after recording!


- P2 products record various information such as Date, Rec format etc, collectivel8y known as meta data.

- Did you know? Several items of Meta data can be edited using a PC and recorded with your clips on all P2 camera recorders.


Please use P2 Viewer(Win), P2 Contents Management Software

(P2CMS, Win/Mac) to edit Meta data. P2CMS is a high performance

P2 contents database.
=> [Free] Download P2Viewer & P2CMS



[] Feedback 1: Voice from a News Station
I store the names of cameramen to each P2 camera recorder.

Thanks to Meta Data uploading, we can find clips quickly with

questions like, "Where is the clip recorded at the airport by

John today?" P2CMS is very useful for finding clips quickly!!


[] Feedback 2: Voice from a Drama Recording Studio
We upload the scenario for the day into the cameras every morning.

It is convenient that we can search quickly for any clips by

scenario from a contents archive which stores hundreds of

clips. Meta data and P2CMS have made our contents management

much easier!!


[Procedure: META DATA edit & Upload to Camera Recorder]
1. Start P2Viewer or P2CMS.
2. Select "Tool" menu => "Metadata Upload".
3. Edit information to be recorded in the "Metadata Upload window".
4. Select "File" => "Store on an SD card" in the "Metadata Upload

    window". (PC exports your information to SD memory card)
5. Insert an SD memory card into a camera Recorder.

6. Open "Thumbnail" menu and then select "META DATA" => "LOAD".


Your edited information is now ready to be recorded on each clip.


2. Need Help? : FREE useful tool
Have you gone through any inconvenience formatting P2 cards?

Our Free Tool will help your P2 card usage
[] Card Maintenance with P2 Card Format Station

[Customer's Voices]

- Everyday, lots of recorded cards are returned to me for editing.

  I need to refresh those cards for the next day... I wonder if there

  is any tool to format and check version updates quickly?

- I heard that P2 card has firmware, I always want to use my

  P2 cards with the latest version.

P2 Card Format Station gives you a solution. It contains the

following functions in one package. We recommend you include

a simple maintenance stage with it in your daily workflow.



- Format

- Firmware version check & Update

> Learn more & Download:
3. Hints & Tips:
To more fully use the power of P2.
[] Install a P2 Driver into all the Slots!
- We have been asked many times if file transfer speed is

   different between different PCMCIA slots on a PC.
- The P2 card driver needs to be installed to each PCMCIA

   slot to have the maximum performance in every slot.


=> Download the latest P2 drivers


[] Quick tip to manage P2 cards, "Full" or "Empty"?

- On the rubber P2 cap, mark FULL on one side and EMPTY on the other, using tape for example.

- When the P2 card is full, use the cap with the FULL side towards the P2 logo side of the card, and the EMPTY side towards the logo when empty.

- This is one way to be able to quickly check the status of a card.


* We recommend that you set your card to write protect when it is full.