08 Utilize AVCCAM for Observation Purposes
(AG-HCK10G Compact camera head, AG-HMR10 Portable recorder)

AG-HCK10G is a compact full HD camera head that teams with the AG-HMR10 AVCCAM portable
recorder for a wide range of applications.

AG-HCK10's inconspicuous form allows it to be used for recordings of wary animals in the wild, and is
equipped with Full HD 3-MOS imagers for high resolution capturing.
Remote camera operation and recording can be performed from far away without being noticed by animals
by using the optional 20m (65-foot) cable.

Specifications, dimensions, and connectors : AG-HCK10 / AG-HMR10

Enjoy more features while observing (AG-HMR10)

Assisting in recording the crucial moment : Pre-recording mode , 12-hour recording
"How to avoid missing recording chances...", is one of the biggest concerns when recording for observation
Pre-recording mode helps to reduce such anxiety, allowing video and audio to be recorded retroactively for three seconds before pressing the REC button.

The AG-HMR10 can record for up to 12 hours on a single 32GB SD memory card in HE (approx. 6Mbps)
mode and up to for 3 hours in the highest quality PH (average 21Mbps/max.24Mpbs) mode. This can be used to reduce the occurrence of brief recording interruptions in order to change media.

For ecological recordings : Time Stamp , Index mark
AG-HMR10 features the "Time stamp" function, which burns time and date information into the video image.
"Time stamp" information is recorded as a video image, so it does not change even when a copy is made, unlike a computer's time stamp information.

The "Index mark" function makes finding specific footage easier by recording "marks" in any points in the footage. Index marks can be recorded for both in the recording and playback modes.

Video with time stamp information (simulated)

Editing INDEX points (playback mode)

Additional flexibility
Detachable & selectable cables : 3m (9ft.) / 20m(65ft.)
The optional camera head cables are detachable (from camera head and from recorder) and are available in length of 3m (9ft.) and 20m (65ft.). This system helps make your operations more flexible
(For example, choose 3m cable for wearable use, 20m for remote recording for wild life applications etc.)

* AG-C20003G

Superb portability and expandability : AG-HMR10 AVCCAM portable recorder
AG-HMR10 can also be used as a portable AVCHD player. The built-in LCD display can be used to view clips promptly even in the field, and can be connected to a professional monitor or TV (Plasma display, LCD etc.) via HD-SIDE, HDMI terminals.

AG-HCK10 can be detached from camera cables and brought to an office for viewing if necessary. This makes field operation more flexible, especially when the camera is located in a difficult to set up position, such as high in the air or in an animal's habitat, or in a spot from which it cannot be moved, such as in a fixed position for observing changes in the same spot over time. It can also be effective for keeping the units separate for security purposes.

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