Frequently asked questions, AJ-HPM100/110 series Memory card recorder (P2 mobile)


 Q1. Is V/A insert edit available?

Yes, insert editing can be done with EDL based playlist style editing. In addition, IN/OUT points can easily be set through a VTR-like operation..


Q2. Does P2 Mobile record video signal from a IEEE1394 terminal?

Yes, you can record the video stream from a IEEE1394 terminal onto a maximum of six P2 cards.


Q3. Is file based transfer via IEEE1394 (P2 mobile => PC) available?

No, only video stream is available on a IEEE1394 terminal.

Please use a USB 2.0 terminal for data transferring between PC.


Q4. How can limited clips be selected for playback?

1.       Press the “THUMBNAIL” button => move the cursor to the clip you want to play and then press the “SET” button to select.

2.       Press the “MENU” button => select “SELECTED CLIPS”.

3.       Press the “PLAY” button.


* For AJ-HPM110

You can immediately play a clip from the thumbnail view by pointing a cursor to a clip and then pressing “SHIFT” + “PLAY”.


Q5. Can a long duration clip be made on several P2 cards?

Yes, please prepare all the cards to play the footage.


Q6. Can I merge several clips into one clip?

Yes, you can make one clip using “EDIT COPY” function.


Q7. Can I select input signals?

You can use INPUT SELECT buttons to switch between video and audio input signals.


 If you set 59.94 or 50 Hz, you can switch the following signals.

  [VIDEO] COMPST / SDI / 1394 / SG

[AUDIO] ANALOG / SDI / 1394 / SG

If you set 23.98 , 24 Hz or 25 Hz, you can switch the following signals.