• Note AV-UHS500 Firmware update

     Make sure that the decompressed file of the downloaded compressed file is "AV-UHS500_v1_21.50d".

    Depending on the environment of your PC, files such as "._AV-UHS500_v1_21.50d" may be included.

    In that case, please load only "AV-UHS500_v1_21.50d" to the main unit.

    (* Example: Ver.1.21: The "v1_21" part of the file name changes depending on the version.)


    Updated: April 2021

  • Note AV-UHS500 System Core Version

     AV-UHS500 In rare cases, the following symptoms may occur.

    Symptom: In rare cases, the operation screen may not work unless the unit is operated after the power is turned on.

    Please be sure to install the latest version (Ver.1.20 or higher) before using it.

    There are two internal versions; "System Version" and "System core version". After updating, please confirm that both are updated. (Please refer to the installation procedure for updating.)


    Updated: April 2021

  • Power ON/OFF procedure when using External Panel (Lawo LBP series)

     ・If AV-UHS500 is not controlled from Panel after 3 minutes, reboot External panel.    

    ・When disconnecting External panel and AV-UHS500 stays ON, disable External Panel on

    System menu/ExtPanel Info on AV-UHS500 before turning Power of External panel OFF.


    Updated: April 2021

  • In case of using External Panel (Lawo LBP series)

     If more than 2 panels are connected to AV-UHS500,

       ・Make configration data on single ".snap" file by vmsSnap Editor.

       ・Use same parameters (only name must be unique) on each panel  

    Otherwise, panel may not work correctly when usnig external bus/source (ID810-833:XPT1-XPT24)


    Updated: April 2021