• How can I operate it with the remote control (AW-RM50)?
    (Camera Control, Power on, Menu display, Pan/Tilt/Zoom, etc.)

    1. Check the "IR control" setting and set it to "On".  (*1)Settings for accepting control from AW-RM50

        * Please change from the setting screen of the web browser. It cannot be set in the camera menu.

               ・Web Browser : Setup  >  Image/Audio  >  System  >  IR Control  >  [On/Off] *Default setting is [On]   



    2. Set the [IR ID] setting of this unit and AW-RM50 to the same value.

        If the power status indicator lamp of the camera flashes orange when you press the operation button of AW-RM50, it means that the [IR ID] does not match.

        Press the operation button after pressing the [CAM1] button on the AW-RM50.The default setting of [IR ID] of this unit is [CAM1].


       * You need to press and hold the power (ON / STANDBY) button and MENU button for 2 seconds.

       (*2) You can control up to 4 cameras with the AW-RM50 (remote control). This is a setting to prevent interference in case you control multiple cameras.


       Select the camera to be operated with the [CAM1] to [CAM4] buttons on the remote control side first according to the [IR ID] setting set for the camera.

              Camera [IR ID] setting:

               ・Camera Menu : SYSTEM  >  IR ID  >  [1]~[4]

        ・Web browser : Setup  >  Image/Audio  >  System  >  IR ID  >  [1]~[4]


    Nov., 2019 updated

  • VLC Media Player may stop during RTSP delivery.

    If VLC Media Player stops, try playing it again. For long-term delivery, use a decoder that has an automatic reconnection function.


    Nov., 2019 updated

  • The streaming video on web browser may stop.

    Please update your web browser.


    Oct., 2019 updated

  • May not recognize USB connection (displayed as unknown device)

    Please restart the main unit. When switching the Priority Mode, disconnect the USB cable to switch.


    Oct., 2019 updated

  • Pink bands noise may appear in streaming video.

    It may occur when the IP (4K) setting and the color-bars are ON. Turn off the color-bars function and switch to IP (4K) mode.


    Oct., 2019 updated

  • After turning on the power, the status LED may be displayed in orange.

    It may occur after switching "Frequency" mode. Please restart the main unit.


    Oct., 2019 updated