P2 Streaming Server (hereinafter “P2SS”) is the application software that works on Windows PC. This software can be used to receive the streaming video from the camera recorder/ device on the network and output it from SDI OUT.
  • Functions
    1. Playback of streaming videos compatible with dynamic bit-rate control Streaming videos from the camera recorder/ device can be played back on a PC. Since streaming is compatible with dynamic bit-rate control, the optimum bit rate is applied automatically according to the network line status.

    2. Streaming operation setting In order to make operation settings for streaming, two types of presets are provided for each purpose. If required, you can also individually set the streaming parameters described below.
      - Transfer rate
      - ARQ (packet resending) ON/OFF
      - FEC (error correction) ON/OFF
      - Receive buffer volume

    3. SDI output
      A streaming video can be output to SDI

  • Supported models
    AJ-PX5000G AJ-PX800G AJ-PX380G
    AJ-PX270 AJ-PG50 PTZ Cameras 
    AW-HE130, AW-UE70,
    AK-HC5000   AK-UB300  
    AW-HR140   AG-UMR20, AG-UCK20  
    AG-MDR25, AG-MDC20  

  • System
       Customers are required to prepare a server, communication environment, etc. in advance.

       - Example of Server System
    • PC for 2ch : HP DL320eGen8v2 (Xeon E3-1241v3 3.50GHz 1P/4core)
    • SDI board for 2ch : Blackmagic DeckLink Duo (2ch)
    • Software : AJ-SRK001*
      *AJ-SRK001: Optional activation software key After this software key is installed, the functions are enabled by its activation.

    • If P2SS is used in P2 Cast mode*, a P2 Cast account (free version) is needed.
      * P2 Cast mode: A mode for streaming in coordination with P2 Cast system.
        In Local mode, Users have to check the network IP setup, etc. by themselves whenever connecting the devices to the server. On the other hand, in P2 Cast mode, the thumbnails of connected devices are displayed and that is convenient because Users can operate P2SS while viewing those thumbnails.

For the purchase of it, please contact our sales representative in your area.

  • Updated on May 2018 
    Ver. 1.6.20  (Improvement)
    1. When the time of server is corrected, the timeout occurs and the streaming stops. This problem is fixed.
    2. When the camera is set to the settings below, the frame-dropped SDI output may occur. This problem is fixed.
      −Camera Setting: AVC-G(QoS)or AVC-G6

  • Updated on November 6 2017
    Ver. 1.6.19
    1. RTMP transmission function is added.
      (P2 Camera: LOW, HQ and SHQ (QoS) formats only)
      (PTZ Camera: All the formats that P2SS supports)
    2. On rare occasions, the picture freezes in approx. 1 minute after the streaming starts. This problem is fixed.
      Unnecessary commands are reduced. The communication timeout setting is revised to an appropriate length of time (extended to 1 minute).
    3. A mode is added for displaying only the cameras that can transmit to P2SS.
    4. New models are supported.
      POVCAM AG-UMR20, AG-UCK20, AG-MDR25, AG-MDC20 series
      NDI|HX-compatible PTZ camera: AW-HN38, AW-HN40, AW-UN70 series

  • Updated on April 2017 
    Ver. 1.6.13
    1. P2 SS is adapted to the new license (contract plan) for P2 Cast..
    2. A function to set the output format is added.
    3. AW-HR140 camera is supported.

  • Updated on February 2017 
    1. Camera systems are supported.(AK-UC3000, AK-HC5000, AK-UCU500, AK-UB300)
    2. Improvement of information regarding the state of a network.
      The display show the measurement of receiving bitrate, the delay of network and the rate of packet-loss in a graph.
    3. A menu is added to setting the logo as offline output.

  • Updated on September 2016 
    1. Reduced latency of streaming signal sourced from PTZ cameras and P2 cameras.
    2. Newly supported "DeckLink Duo2" and "DeckLink Quad2". (they are product of Blackmagic design inc.)

  • Updated on July 2016 
  • Improvement:  
    1. Improvement of camera operation related to the streaming start/stop.
    2. Improvement to enable saving the setting of LOCAL/P2Cast mode switching.

  • Updated on April 2016 
    1. PTZ cameras are supported. (AW-HE130, AW-UE70, AW-HE40/HE65/HE70)
      - Capability to receive streaming data from PTZ cameras
      - Remote control of PTZ cameras
    2. Remote control of P2 cameras
    3. Capability to receive streaming data from typical RTSP streaming servers

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