Windows P2 Streaming Receiver  
AJ-JJLSR1G (P2 Streaming Receiver)
AJ-JJLSR1G (P2 Streaming Receiver) is application software that works on Windows PC. This software allows you to view a video stream from the camera recorder on network.

P2 Streaming Receiver


  • Posted in July 2017.  Ver 1.2.4
  •  • Support for RTMP function   * Note:In LOW, HQ or SHQ(Qos) format only.
    • For "Streaming transfer mode" on the camera side, please also set to LOW, HQ or SHQ (QoS).
    • (e.g. AJ-PX 270: Menu [STREAMING MODE])
  •  • Windows 10 (32bit/64bit) are supported.
  • Posted in April 2015.  Ver 1.1.6
    Support for SDI output, display of bit rate of video, etc.

Main Feature
• The main features of the software are as follows.

1. Streaming video playback that supports dynamic bit rate control You can play back streaming video from camera recorders on the PC. The streaming playback supports dynamic bit rate control, and the optimal bit rate is automatically applied based on the network status.

2. Streaming mode settings Two preset modes are available for configuring streaming operations according to your intended purpose. The following parameters can also be configured individually if necessary.
• Transmission rate
• ARQ (packet resend) enable/disable
• FEC (error correction) enable/disable
• Receive buffer size

3. SDI output SDI output of streaming video is possible via the Blackmagic SDI interface.

System Requirements

• Hardware
CPU :Core i7-4700MQ 2.40GHz or higher
GPU :Intel HD Graphics 4600 or higher
MEMORY :4GB or higher
Display :1024 pixel X 768 pixel or higer
AUDIO : Setting for available

• OS
Windows 7 Professional (SP1), Ultimate (SP1) 32bit/64bit
Windows 8.1 32bit/64bit
Windows 10  32bit/64bit
* Use the Windows 7 Professional (SP1), Ultimate (SP1) 64-bit OS for SDI outputs of streaming video via the Blackmagic SDI interface. SDI output is not possible with other operating systems.

• Depending on the PC’s conditions, dropped frames or intermittent audio may occur in playing video streams.
• Please set the screen DPI to the standard setting (96 DPI).
PC screen saver and sleep function don’t work while this software is running.
Firewall Settings If the firewall is installed in the PC, set the firewall configurations so that it allows communication between this software. If communication between this software is not permitted, you will have problems such as a camera recorder is not connected or streaming is not played. If you use Windows firewall as firewall, Windows security alert screen will appear when you start up this software for the first time after its installation.


Check the boxes according to you network configurations and click [Allow access]. 

If you use software other than Windows firewall as firewall, set the perimission for communication between the firewall software and this software. Each executable files is below:
 Executable files of this software:
  For 32bit Windows:   C:\Program Files\Panasonic P2\P2SR\P2SR.exe
  For 64bit Windows:   C:\Program Files(x86)\Panasonic P2\P2SR\P2SR.exe