Name Software(Firmware) Update Data
Last Update October 14, 2010
Model AJ-YBX200
VSI4748W /34.2MByte (for AJ-HPS1500j
VSI4639P /28.1MByte (for AJ-HPM100j

VSI4805G /28.5MByte (for AJ-HPM110j
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Software This software is update data for the applicable model above.
Content This update is to improve stability of encode process,
there is no change of the functions or specifications.
for Upgrade
To update the firmware of AJ-YBX200, it must be inserted in the option slot of the camera recorder(AJ-HPS1500,AJ-HPM100 or AJ-HPM110).
Please use Personal Computer with operation system of Windows or MacOS X 10.4 or before to unzip the software.
Copy the update file of the Driver Software (Firmware) to an SD memory card.
Software can be updated using this SD memory card via AJ-HPS1500,AJ-HPM100 or AJ-HPM110.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.(Printing out of the procedure is recommended.)