Name VariCam Software (Firmware) Update Data
Last Update Jul. 10, 2018
Model AU-V35C1G, AU-V23HS1G, AU-VREC1G
VSI6060AE / 146MB
VSI6043K (for AU-VCVF1 Ver 1.10) /  1.3MB
Expected Time for Update Approx. 60min
Copyright Copyright © Panasonic Corporation
Transfer All Rights Reserved
Software This software is update data for the applicable model above.
Content  Ver 8.00-00-0.xx
   RECORDER  F8.00-00-0.02
AU-VCVF1G Ver 1.10
AU-VCVF2G Ver 2.01

New Feature / Specification

  1.  [35 | HS] CSS(Custom Splash Screen)
    The display screen during the boot-up process (Splash Screen) can be customized to show a companyfs logo, etc. This software helps deter theft by using the customized Splash Screen as the owner's digital name tag.

     • Customize the Splash Screen as your company logo
     • Register owner information
     • Password setting.
    You can set a password to prevent rewriting of the above registered contents and to prevent updating / downgrade execution.
    Click here to download Custom Splash Screen

  2.  [35 | HS] The time required for displaying GUI at boot-up is reduced.
  3.  [35 | HS] The size of the REC mark on OSD is increased.
  4.  [35 |    ] SYSTEM MODE can be changed by selecting the preset item.
  5.  [35 |    ] ISO BASE ([800B] / [5000B]) is displayed. (VF, MON OUT, LCD (VIEW))
  6.  [35 | HS] RESTART function is added to the control panel.
     • RESTART button is added so that the camera can be rebooted by means of the control panel, instead of the power switch, after the system mode is changed.
     • RESTART button is added so that the camera can be rebooted, after NETWORK SEL is changed.
  7.  [35 |    ] For the following settings where VFR is possible, VFR ON/OFF Switching feature is provided.
    REC FORMAT: LT codec
    PIXEL: CROP mode
  8.  [35 | HS] Icons are added for indicating FF/REW playback.
    The 16x high-speed playback function is added.
  9.  [35 | HS] The following compatible wireless LAN module is added.
    D-Link DWA171 (Australia)

 [ 35:AU-V35C1, HS:AU-V23HS1 ]

  Please refer to the operating instructions for more information.


History of release notes
for Upgrade
Copy the update file of the Software (Firmware) to an SD memory card.
Software can be updated using this SD memory card.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.(Printing out of the procedure is recommended.)