Name VariCam LT Software (Firmware) Update Data
Last Update Feb. 19, 2018
Model AU-V35LT1G, AU-V35LT1MC
VSI6227Q / 79.3MB
Expected Time for Update Approx. 60min
Copyright Copyright © Panasonic Corporation
Transfer All Rights Reserved
Software This software is update data for the applicable model above.
Content  Ver 27.98-00-0.00
  1. Enhancement of usability in the state of being connected with ROP (AK-HRP1000/1005/HRP200 *)
    • AK-HRP1000/1005 (It will be supported by updating.)
    • AK-HRP200 Ver.4.01.00 or higer
      On the premise that the camera is used at live events, specifications and functions are added.
    1. Items are added to MENU.
      1. SHADING is added to GRADING in V-Log mode selected for MAIN COLOR.
      2. SHADING is added to MAIN COLOR.
    2. Some of the specifications related to the connection with ROP are changed.
      2. upport for ROP 5600K SW
        If 5600K SW is turned on, W/B works as PRESET 5600K regardless of its list.
      3. Specification change of the camera’s GUI
    3. To simplify the setup process of connecting AK-HRP1000, this ROP’s IP connection account is added to the default account settings.
    4. Support for RETURN input
    5. TALLY light up according to the commands from ROP On AU-VCVF10.
  2. The time required for displaying GUI at boot-up is reduced.
  3.  SYSTEM MODE can be changed by selecting the preset item.
  4.  ISO BASE ([800B] / [5000B]) is displayed. (VF, MON OUT, LCD (VIEW))
  5.  Support for the playback of multiple clips in succession as well as in order of selection
  6.  RESTART button is added so that the camera can be rebooted, after NETWORK SEL is changed.
  7.  For the following settings where VFR is possible, VFR ON/OFF Switching feature is provided.
    REC FORMAT: LT codec
    PIXEL: CROP mode
  8.  The function of changing TCP/UDP port for IP control by ROP is added.
  9.  The setting value for the fan’s rotational speed reduction is added. 
  10.  The following compatible wireless LAN module is added.
    D-Link DWA171 (Australia)
  11.  The following compatible EF lenses are added.    
    CANON CN-E70-200mm T4.4L IS KAS S   
    CANON CN-E18-80mm T4.4L IS KAS S
  12.  Support for SHADING RAW output
  13.  LongGOP50 and LongGOP25 are added to the supported formats for HD CROP mode.


  1. Any of the three operations of REC-stop, card-insertion/removal and card-formatting may cause the system error E36* on rare occasions. That is corrected properly.
    * This problem never affects recorded clips or cards.


History of release notes
for Upgrade
Copy the update file of the Software (Firmware) to an SD memory card.
Software can be updated using this SD memory card.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.(Printing out of the procedure is recommended.)