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AV-UHS500     Download   166MB  
    Jun. 27, 2024
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  • Note: AV-UHS500 firmware
  • In rare cases, the operation screen may not work unless the unit is operated after the power is turned on.
  • Please be sure to install the latest version (Ver.1.20 or higher) before using it.
  • Make sure that the decompressed file of the downloaded compressed file is "AV-UHS500_v1_21.50d". Depending on the environment of your PC, files such as "._AV-UHS500_v1_21.50d" may be included. In that case, please load only "AV-UHS500_v1_21.50d" to the main unit.
  • (* Example: Ver.1.21: The "v1_21" part of the file name changes depending on the version.)
  • There are two internal versions; "System Version" and "System core version".  
  • After updating, please confirm that both are updated. (Please refer to the installation procedure for updating.)
Click here to download Operating Instruction