AK-UCU600 series
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With AK-NP600
(RET FPGA1 03.35-000-00.00)
(MOIP 04.25-000-00.27)
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| 84.7MB |   | Dec. 24, 2020

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The previous version of the firmware Version 0F.D6- / 11.E9- (DV91000242K) (released on November 26, 2020) had the following problem.
Symptom: In UHD mode, the CCU output video is irregularly disturbed.

This problem has been improved with the latest Version 0F.D7- / 12.EC- (DV91000242L).
Please be sure to install the latest version (DV91000242L or later).
Also, if you are using AK-UC4000, we recommend updating it to the latest version (Ver.0B.E4-000-00.04 or later) that improves the Vertical stripe noise.