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  P2 Software for P2 Products (Firmware)

Please prepare:  click here to see "Software update for products"

  1. PC with Windows or MacOS X Version 10.4 or before
  2. SD Card
     SD Card-P2 Compatibility Table

Software Download site

 AG-HPX170 series  AJ-PCD10 AJ-HPX3700  AJ-HPD2500
 AG-HPX250 series  AJ-PCD20  AJ-HPX2700 AJ-HPS1500
 AG-HPX300 series  AJ-PCD35  AJ-HPX3100  AJ-SPC700
 AG-HPX370 series  AJ-HPM100  AJ-HPX3000  AJ-SPX800
 AG-HPX500  AJ-HPM110  AJ-HPX2100  AJ-SPX900
 AG-HPX502  AJ-HPM200  AJ-HPX2000  AJ-SPD850
 AG-HVX200    AJ-YAX800  AJ-PCS060G
 AG-HVX202    AJ-YBX200  
 AG-HVX200A series    AJ-YDX30  

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