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Ver.3.03 : New mode gFBC2h has been added. (Aug.2020)
By pressing the USER buttons that are assigned with the flash band compensation function, the function turns on, and flash strobe from a still camera, etc. can be detected and compensated.
You can select and use the functions according to your needs.
FBC1 (conventional FBC)
FBC2 (colored line noise reduction mode)

  Note: When you use FBC2 mode, perform Black Shading adjustment before using it.
   Black Shading Adjustment Procedure

  However, depending on the manufacturing time of the camera, the adjustment may not be necessary because it has already been performed.
  It can be identified by the upper 2 digits of the serial number of camera.
  EIf the serial number is the following, Black Shading adjustment is required.
  EIf the number is "E0" or later in the order of gABCch, this adjustment is NOT required.
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