Please be sure to read this first.
  • AW-UE150 Ver.2.16 (on Jun.2019) or lower have a following problem  when you use it for more than 49 days of continuous running.
  • - The Video images get broken.
    - The remote controllers do not work.
    - The network is not available.(WEB screen and IP streaming stop working.)
  • This symptom does not occur for the version 2.17 or later. We recommend updating your units to the latest firmware.
  • The update of AW-UE150 camera is performed via a network from Web setting screen on PC.

    There might be accidents in the process of updating such as changing the camera settings and others by mistake. Please perform the update after taking every situation into careful consideration.

    It is recommended that the current settings should be noted down in advance.
    For updating the data, please refer to the firmware upgrade procedure and follow the procedure shown there.