Name AG-DVX200 series Software (Firmware) Update Data
Last Update January 18, 2016
Model AG-DVX200 series
TC58NYG0N15H / 58.9 MByte 
Expected Time for Update Approx. 3min
Copyright Copyright © Panasonic Corporation
Transfer All Rights Reserved
Software This software is update data for the applicable model above.
Content Ver 1.40-


  1. Support for ROP application software for iPad, gAG ROP Apph, is supported. It enables remote control via Wi-Fi connection.
    [Wi-Fi module] : AJ-WM30 (Panasonic) ,
    USB-N53 H/W Ver:A1 (ASUS, Connection confirmed only version A1)
  2. Accuracy of Zoom Tracking (focus controlling during the zoom motion) is improved.
  3. V-Log L View Assist function is improved so that it starts/stops working by ON/OFF switching of USER button instead of holding it down.
  4. MODE CHK function is improved so that the states of AWB Ach and Bch (gOKh or gNGh) are also indicated.

History of release note
for Upgrade
Copy the update file of the Software (Firmware) to an SD memory card.
Software can be updated using this SD memory card.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.(Printing out of the procedure is recommended.)