Name AG-CX350 series Firmware Update Data
Last Update May 27, 2021
Model AG-CX350 series, AG-CX200MC
DV91000240N/ 44.2 MByte 
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Transfer All Rights Reserved
Software This software is update data for the applicable model above.
Ver 6.01-

New Features

  1. 4K Live streaming
    When the file format is set to 4K(MOV) formats, the 4K streaming function can be used.
    RTMP/RTMPS (H.264), SRT(H.264, H.265) and RTSP/RTP(H.264, H.265) have been supported. In particular SRT live streaming is supported. SRT live streaming is available in both client and listener modes.
  2. Cloud service "MediaBridge" related functions
    1.  Remote operation to start the streaming
    2.  Uploading of the contents to MediaBridge or other servers
    3.  Confirming the device status
    4.  Addition of the camera metadata
    5.  Import/export of the setup file
    6.  Remote updating the camera firmware
  3. Clip Metadata
    You can set items such as name, shooting location, and text memo as the clip metadata.
    The metadata can be loaded from the SD card set in the P2Viewer application software. It can be set also from Media Bridge and CX ROP.
    The set items can be recorded in both P2 / MOV formats and can be displayed as metadata.
  4. Face detection/tracking AE&AF function
    A face is detected from the recording image, and the focus and exposure is adjusted to that face.
    By touching the arbitrary subject on the LCD monitor during the face detection mode, focus and exposure are constantly adjusted automatically while tracking that subject.
  5. AVC-G6 proxy recording of P2 format (P2 format: excluding AG-CX200MC)
    The P2 recording of this camera can simultaneously record AVC‑G6 format different from the main material recording as a proxy data.
     Related Menu: RECORDING > PROXY SETTING >
     PROXY V-LOG: V-log/V709,
     P2 - Proxy Recording format
    Recording format Main recording Proxy recording
    P2 1920x1080
    AVC-LongG25 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG12 (N/A)
    AVC-Intra422 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra100 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG50 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG25 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG12 (N/A)
    AVC-Intra200 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra100 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra50 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG50 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG25 AVC-G6
    AVC-LongG12 (N/A)
    AVC-Intra200 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra100 AVC-G6
    AVC-Intra50 AVC-G6

     When you use the following settings, you cannot use proxy recording.
     ・File Format : MOV or AVCHD
     ・REC Format: AVC-G12
     ・NDI|HX, STREAMING or 4K STREAMING settings
     ・VFR recording
     ・TIME STAMP recording
  6. SHOT MARK (P2 format: excluding AG-CX200MC)
    You can view and play only clips with SHOT MARK added, or upload them to "MediaBridge".
    SHOT MARK can be added using the user button during recording, immediately after recording, or on the playback thumbnail screen.
  7. SD Card P2 recording function (P2 format: excluding AG-CX200MC)
    When the recording mode is P2, SDXC memory cards can be used.
    (Tested SD card: ProGrade products - Video Speed Class V90 or higher)

     Related Menu:VIDEO OUT/LCD/VF > INDICATOR >
     Toggles whether to display the warning
     when an SD card is inserted while [FILE FORMAT] is set to [P2].


  1. When you use a specific SD card whose writing speed is not stable in MOV recording, [CARD ERROR] may occur during recording.
    The internal processing has been optimized so that the recording operation can be continued.
  2. The video may stop when the normally recorded clip is played again immediately after rewound-playback. The internal processing related to playback has been improved.

History of release note
for Upgrade
Copy the update file of the Software (Firmware) to an SD memory card.
Software can be updated using this SD memory card.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.(Printing out of the procedure is recommended.)