Name Software(Firmware) Update Data
Last Update June 17, 2014
Model AG-AC90 series
TC58RYM9L14B / 31.8MByte 
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Software This software is update data for the applicable model above.
Ver 1.50-00-0.00
The following features are added.

  Feature Reference page*  Remarks
     * Revised Operation Instructions v1.5_Vol.2

(English version)

1 Copying function between each card in two slots 79  
2 Freeze Frame 57,60 Freeze Frame function is added and selectable by USER button.
3 PM REC mode
(1280 x 720)
4 CS REC mode
(720 x 480/60i)
(720 x 576/50i)
94,124 A low rate mode for uploading via network.
5 TIME STAMP 98 Date-and-time superimposition function on video data is added.
6 DRS ON/OFF function is added to USER button. 57,60,91  
7 Preset function for White Balance is improved. 41 User-settable VAR function is added.
8 Safety Zone Marker and Center Marker function are added. 101  
9 Eye-Fi card is supported. 15,77-79  
10 BARS button 62 Switchover to Color Bar screen while recording can be restricted.
11 LETTERBOX 68,98 Underscan display on 4:3 TV output is improved into 100% display.

pdf AG-AC90P,PJ,PX v1.5 Vol 1 (VQT4M90-2)
pdf AG-AC90P,PJ,PX v1.5 Vol 2 (VQT4M99-2)

pdf AG-AC90EJ, EN v1.5 Vol 1 (VQT4M93-2)  
pdf AG-AC90EJ, EN v1.5 Vol 2 (VQT4N03-2)  

History of release note
for Upgrade
Copy the update file of the Software (Firmware) to an SD memory card.
Software can be updated using this SD memory card.
Please refer to the procedure in the site.(Printing out of the procedure is recommended.)