Mac Windows P2 Viewer Plus  
AJ-JJLPDM1 (P2 Viewer Plus software)
This is the application software that works on Windows PC and Macintosh.  It enables playback, search and copy of a clip, display and search of metadata, etc.

AJ-JJLPDM1 (P2 Viewer Plus software)
Major features are as follows:
  1. Playback of a clip
    This software enables playback of a clip recorded by P2 device.
    Sequential playback of several clips and the change of playback speed are also possible.
  2. Copy of a clip
    Clips can be selected and copied using this application.
  3. Search of a clip
    It enables classification, key and full-text searches.
  4. Handling of metadata
    It is possible to display and edit metadata.
  5. Operation of a P2 card
    It allows displaying the information of and formatting a P2 card.
  6. DPX Conversion Function (available by Ver. 2.3 and later, released in June, 2015)
    Applicable Clip: AVC-Intra4K 444/422/LT, AVC-Intra2K 444/422, AVC-intra444
    A menu item for DPX Conversion is added to Clip Menu. This makes it possible to output DPX data converted from video data marked off by any registered IN and OUT points or from the whole data in a selected clip.
  7. Rename Copy Function (available by Ver. 2.3 and later, released in June, 2015)
    To make it easier to visually recognize P2 clips when managing them by NLE software or PC/Mac, this function can convert a clip name into the form that includes its recording date.
    * However, once a file is renamed, it cannot be handled by any P2 equipment. If it has to be loaded into P2 equipment again, you need to use this Rename Copy Function of P2 Viewer Plus and restore the clip name to its original P2 form.
AVCCAM Viewing Features
To select AVCCAM Viewing Features, click the AVCCAM Viewing button in the feature selection area.
  1. Display of a list of clips (AVCHD clips are collectively referred to as "clips")
  2. Arranging Clips
  3. Clip playback
  4. Copy/deletion of clips
  5. Editing of metadata, Uploading of metadata
  6. Clip media management
  7. Clip operation settings
  8. Registration and deletion of clips in the favorites folder
June, 2014   Ver
 P2 Viewer Plus now has the ability to handle AVCCAM materials copied onto HDD using Explorer (Win) or Finder (Mac), like P2 materials.

 In AVCCAM Viewing mode, specify a desired folder and right-click it to select "Import SD card type format". For the details, please start up P2 Viewer Plus and refer to its HELP information.  
* This software does not support the display or copy of still images taken with an AVCCAM, the capture of still images from a video, or writing to BD.
* The clips that can be handled with AVCCAM Viewing Features are limited to AVCHD content taken with an AVCCAM. Other AVCHD content may not operate correctly with this software.

AJ-SK001G (Extended Ingesting Function for P2)
Click here to find the information of extended ingesting function (AJ-SK001G)
Major features are as follows:
  1. Batch copy of clips
    All the clips recorded on the P2 card can be copied to the storage media such as a Hard Disk. You
    can specify several P2 cards as copy sources and several locations on the media as copy destinations
    to copy the clips all together.
  2. Task
    Specified copy operation is registered as a task and performed properly in the background.
  3. Verify function
    In copying, verification can be performed on a file basis.
  4. Log function
    In copying, logs are recorded on a file basis.
    Such logs are stored for a certain period and can be checked after copying is completed.
To use the Ingesting function
When installing P2 Viewer Plus, the Ingesting function (extension functions) is also installed at the same time, but they are disabled by default. In order to use the Ingesting function, you must purchase a software key separately and activate it.
Please contact vender to purchase a software key.

1. Please install the viewing software, P2ViewerPlus.
2. Order the Ingesting function software key (AJ-SK001G) from a vendor.
3. A box contains the key code will be sent to you.
4.The box will contain a sheet with the key code and an Installation Guide. Activate according to the Installation Guide.

About our 30-day free trial
It can be used for a 30-day trial period by enabling "Trial" on the "Extension function management" screen of the software. You can test the function before purchasing a key code.