Windows  EasyIP SetupTool Plus: Software Download
 EasyIP SetupTool Plus is an application software that runs on Windows.
The " EASY IP Setup Software" has been greatly upgraded. In addition to the settings for Panasonic PTZ cameras existing on the network, this software have the camera view display function and the firmware update function.
The application identify PTZ cameras that need to be upgraded. In addition, all operations from the download of the firmware file to the version upgrade of the PTZ camera are performed by applications.
You can always keep your PTZ camera with the latest firmware with simple operation.

EasyIP SetupTool Plus


Release Notes

  • Feb. 2021 Ver.1.0.35
    The operability at startup has been improved.
    An issue with the Network Settings screen has been fixed.

  • Oct. 2020 Ver.1.0.30
    The publisher's signature has been placed in the "public" field of the software to avoid alerts about "unknown" publishers. There is no change in the functions and the specifications.

  • Sep. 2020 Ver.1.0.29
    The firmware update function is available in the local network environment.
    Administrator registration is now possible with AW-UE4 as well.

  • Aug. 2020 Ver.1.0.27 The software has been released.

System Requirements

  • OS Windows 10 (64bit)

 Supported Cameras

  • AW-UE100
  • AW-UE150/UE155/UN145   
  • AW-UE70/UE65/UE63,AW-UN70  
  • AW-HE130,AW-HN130   
  • AW-HE40/HE35/HE38/HE65/HE48/HE58/HE70,AW-HN40/HN38/HN65/HN70  
  • AW-HE75/HE42/HE68  
  • AW-UE4
  • AW-HR140

 Main Features

  • Camera Firmware Update
  • Network setting
  • Auto IPAddress assignment
  • Camera view display
  • Camera list sort
  • Column Settings   
  • Help display
  • Administrator Registration AW-UE100 AW-UE4
  • Lamp Lighting AW-UE100 

Please refer to the Operation Manual for more information.
pdf  Operation Manual (ENGLISH)
pdf  Operation Manual (CHINESE)

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