Windows Server    Auto Tracking Server Software
 Auto Tracking Server Software is application software that runs on Windows. By operating this software on a Windows Server PC to which a Panasonic remote camera is connected, tracking of persons shot by the remote camera can be performed simultaneously by multiple remote cameras.
Ver.4 or later: A stable tracking operation can be performed by the face authentication function that detects the face of the set person and the human body detection by deep learning.

Auto Tracking Server Software Ver.5.6.5

  GPU is required to run the system.
    Web Application: 5.6.0, Tracking Control: 5.6.0, Auto Tracking Lib: 5.6.4

  • 90-Day Free Trial   There is a trial period of 90 days after this software is activated.
  • The start of the trial is determined by clicking the "Trial" button on the activation screen of this app. Please refer to the "Licence" chapter of Operating Manual for more details.
  • A software key "AW-SF200" is required after a trial use. Please read carefully the precautions for this software and check if it works correctly in your operating environment before you purchase AW-SF200, AW-SF202 or AW-SF203 (Software Key) .

    * You need to install the NVIDIA GPU  (Graphic Processing Unit) and install the CUDA Toolkit 11.4.1.
Install the Nvidia CUDA Toolkit and the latest GPU driver from NVIDIA's HP BEFORE installing the Autotracking Software.


  Auto Tracking Software Operating Manual (Software Key AW-SF200 English)
  Auto Tracking Software Operating Manual (Software Key AW-SF200 Chinese)

Privacy policy for the information stored in the auto tracking software
Panasonic does not collect, store nor share within the organization any personal information including pictures of targeted people in the auto tracking software. Information registered in the auto tracking software are stored only in the environments (PCs/servers) where the software is installed and cannot be stored elsewhere.

Release Note

Jun. 30, 2023
  • AW-UE160 has been added to the available PTZ cameras.

Aug.  3, 2022
  1. NVIDIA GPUs with Ampere architecture can be used.
  2. Tracking performance for vertical movement of the subject has been improved.

May  30, 2022
  1. The Auto Start Area may not work in the face recognition mode. This problem has been fixed.
  2. Face recognition data may not be updated when using two GPUs. This problem has been fixed.

April  11, 2022
  • The software has been confirmed to work on Windows 11. (No software changes)

December  24, 2021
  1. New models AW-UE40/UE50/UE80 have been added to available PTZ cameras.
  2. The ability has been added to cancel the selected face image when the face recognition button is turned off.
  3. The internal face recognition algorithm has been changed to improve the extensibility of future customizations.
  4. If you use a PC with two GPUs inserted, you can control eight cameras on the PC at the same time.

September  30, 2021
  1. P/T Limitation can be set in the app
           Even if you are using the P/T Limitation function, you can operate the P/T from an external device such as a switcher.
           (Only for Free-D compatible models: AW-UE100, AW-UE150)
  2. All auto-tracking setting items can be saved and loaded as Preset
  3. Face selection can be canceled with API commands
  4. The accuracy of human body detection has been improved.
           Detection of bust-up shots
           Detection during lower body occlusion
           Detection when posture changes
           Detection of small object size.

July  28, 2021
   Operability has been improved in PTZ mode
  1. Operability has been improved so that the Angle function does not work even if a human body is detected in the Disable area.
  2. Enlarged display button has been added for PTZ / Preset / ImageAdjustment.
  3. A slider has been added to mask left and right.
  1. Focus Auto ON / OFF can be saved with Preset.
  2. Operation setting items has been added when the camera is disconnected.

April  7, 2021
  1. Auto Zoom adjustment function has been added.
    The function will work to keep the size of the subject constant.
    * This function cannot be used with the AW-UE4.
  2. The operability has been improved so that you can set the time from when the human body is no longer detected until it is judged as "Lost".

December  25, 2020
  The following have been fixed or improved.
  1. Tracking accuracy has been improved when tracking people who cross.
  2. Automatic connection function has been added.
  3.  The function to specify the area to start tracking has been added.
  4.  The function to start tracking without using face authentication has been added.
  5.  The function to export / import setting data has been added.
  6.  Supports connection with a PC whose IP Address setting is DHCP.
  7.  The setting to save the Tracking state has been added.
  8.  A button has been added to enable / disable UI operations on the Main screen / Controller panel.
  9.  It has been improved so that related files can be deleted when uninstalling.

System Requirements for latest version

A server PC is a PC for installing this software, and a Client PC is a PC for accessing the server and displaying the GUIs.

 • Server PC
   Before choose PC with GPU, please make sure following GPU architecture.

  • When up to 4 cameras can be connected simultaneously
    CPU : 4 core or above, PASS Mark value is 7000 or above
    -  Operation-verified CPU
  •    Intel Core i7-4770K (3.50GHz)
  •    Intel Core i7-8750H (2.20GHz)
  •    Intel Core i7-11800H (2.30GHz)
  •    Intel Xeon Silver 4108 (1.80GHz)
  •    Intel Xeon Gold 5222 (3.80GHz)

  • When up to 8 cameras can be connected simultaneously
    2 CPUs : 4 core or above, PASS Mark value is 7000 or above
    -  Operation-verified CPU
  •    Intel Xeon Gold 5222 (3.80GHz) x 2 CPUs
  •  Memory:16GB or above
  •  OS:
     Windows Server 2016
     Windows Server 2019
     Windows Server 2022
     Windows 11
     Windows 10 64bit
  •  GPU(Graphic Processing Unit)
       You need to install the NVIDIA CUDA Toolkit 11.4.1.
       Download and install the latest GPU driver from NVIDIA's HP.
       Install the Nvidia CUDA Toolkit and the latest GPU driver BEFORE installing the Autotracking Software.

       GPUs with Ada Lovelace architecture ( RTX4060 etc.) are not supported.

 • Client PC

  •  CPU:Core i5-2520M 2.50GHz or above
     Memory:4GB or above
     Display:1920x1080 or above
     Web browser:Google Chrome

 • Remote Camera

  • Panasonic PTZ cameras
    AW-UE160 W/K
    AW-UE150 W/K
    AW-UE100 W/K
    AW-UE80 W/K
    AW-UN70W/K, AW-UE70W/K
    AW-UE50 W/K
    AW-UE40 W/K
    AW-HN130W/K, AW-HE130W/K

 • The Server PC, Client PC, and remote camera must exist on the same network, and a fixed local IP address must be set for each.
 • This software does not operate in the DHCP environment.

About the Server Configuration
 • This software works even with a single server configuration, but by configuring with multiple servers, it is possible to expand the number of remote cameras that can be controlled at the same time.
 • Set one of the servers that make up this software as the main server for centralized management and the rest as the sub server for expansion.